Teenage Fanclub

A Catholic Education

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Record Label
Fire Fidelity

About this item

Originally released in 1990 on Paperhouse, this is their classic debut album and it really catches that pop indie sound that flooded everyone's headphones in the early '90s. More raw sounding than their later releases, A Catholic Education doesn't really fit neatly into any category being the perfect marriage of the better aspects of britpop and the swirling dreamy guitars and melancholy pop melodies of the Big Star tradition.


Side A:
A1 Heavy Metal
A2 Everything Flows
A3 Catholic Education
A4 Too Involved
A5 Don't Need A Drum
A6 Critical Mass

Side B:
B1 Heavy Metal II
B2 Catholic Education 2
B3 Eternal Light
B4 Every Picture I Paint
B5 Everybody's Fool

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