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Ultra hype dance music staples Love Internation and Test Pressing collaborate with ultra hype dance music act Beautiful Swimmers for what must be the most hype release of the year so far. Sorry did someone say HYPE?! Hype.

A precursor to the full compilation album due in April, this 12” sampler contains two tracks from our favourite DC-based dog walkers, an extra special Swimmers ‘Mega Remix’ of Foe’s 1995 Baltimore house jam “Are U Da Bomb / Blow Up Girl”, and the smooth and soulful early 90s British classic, “More Than You Can Wish” from Harlem Gem, lovingly re-mastered from original tapes especially for this release. Ari and Andrew are master diggers, make no mistake, but they do so without the overtly sincerer and precious elitism that oft surrounds the act; they simply enjoy music, and presenting it to people in a receptive, party atmosphere. 


A1. Foe - Are U Da Bomb Blow Up Girl (Beautiful Swimmers Mega Remix)
B1. Harlem Gem - More Than You Can Wish

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