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Offen Music

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Vladimir Ivkovic's centre for the aurally abstract, Offen, has long since secured its reputation as a home for interdimensional sonics, alternative electronics and speculative evolution. It's fitting then, that the label should house the second long player from Karamika, the studio project of UK voodoo practitioner George Thompson (Black Merlin) and Dussuldorf master engineer Gordon Pohl. If you caught their first LP on ESP Institute, you're probably still feeling the effects, brainwaves augmented by the stream of low tempo, broad spectrum pulses. Cooly twisting dub, industrial, kosmische, new beat and post trance signifiers into a unique neo-tribal experience, Karamika delivered the finest under-the-radar release of the last half decade.


Patrick says: I missed out on the first Karamika LP way back when, only picking up a copy when I asked Joe from Zmatsutsi for the third ID off it. I won't make the same mistake this time round, as the duo swap the earthly pleasures of their debut for an altogether alien excursion into the deep black of the outer limits.


A1. Ton 2.1
A2. Ton 2.2
B1. Ton 2.3
B2. Ton 2.4
C1. Ton 2.5
C2. Ton 2.6
D1. Ton 2.7
D2. Ton 2.8

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