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Vabrationz: EP

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A local Detroiter who knows how to smash an MPC, Tink Thomas gets signed up by Omar S' FXHE record and drops a four tracker of Dee-troit hoose classics!

"Come On Come On" should be familiar and desirable to fans of Marcel Vogel's "Chicago Service" compilation - in particularly Jamie 3:26's "Give Me Your Love", as this track drinks from exactly the same acid-laced punch as its modern Loft disco counterpart. Tink also uses this formula to construct a delicate, fluttery, early-evening warmer courtesy of "Dancin'"!

Onto side B and things get decidedly heavier, with "Do It Together" looping piano stabs & low bass rumbles before placing some soulful vox on top for a moment of charged Detroit house mayhem that's sure to cause dancefloor eruptions! Finally, "Close To Me" has that end-of-night quality as it combines niggly organs and live bass for a gospel-flavoured disco-house number that'll unite the floor and send people home with a smile. Recommended stuff here from this new Detroiter - TIP! 


A1. Come On Come On (Playa's Choice Mix)
A2. Dancin' (Detroit Disko Dub)
B1. Do It Together (Renny Raw Mix)
B2. Close To Me (Werk On Me Edit)

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