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Redemption Of The Cryonauts

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Mixing throbbing Italo pulses and skittering, hi-passed percussion, 'Redemption Of The Cryonauts' is possibly Space Dimension Controller's most diverse outing yet. Songs like 'Phase Pod Dispersal' perfectly coalesce the cosmic sounds of this Belfast Born super-producer with the more sanguine influnces from bouncing disco and funk. Swirling synths work their way around the stereo image, lending a sense of movement and rhythmic counterpoint to the busy backdrop of thumping kicks and sweeping filters, while the more dancefloor orientated pieces provide a relief from the euphoric, star-gazing revelry. 



Barry says: As relevant as ever, Space Dimension Controller continues to take influence from a wide range of genres, and weave them together effortlessly, crafting an entrancing but equally propulsive affair, littered with introspective ambience and dancefloor heft. A triumph in balance, and a bloody good listen.


Feature Presentation
2076 A.D.
World War IV
Phase Pod Dispersal
Unwelcome Visitors
Boarding The Galactic Effector
Xymah's Creed
Infiltrating The Mothership
Usurper's Fall
8040'S Promise
Redemption Of The Cryonauts
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