Roy Budd

Stone Killers

Image of Roy Budd - Stone Killers
Record Label
Dynamite Soul

About this item

“Stone Killers” is Roy Budd’s holy grail soundtrack, only ever released on an Italian label, with it’s iconic Charles Bronson picture sleeve. Now, for the first time Dynamite Cuts is releasing a 2x7” 45 collection of some of the gems it holds, deep, slow and heavy grooves that make you tingle! In my opinion, this is the LP where Roy created his unique sound that just makes him so superb. “On The Trail” and “On The Move” especially, set the scene to the whole soundtrack, loaded with his exquisite beats and underpinned by the superb bass, strings and horns we’ve all come to love in Budd’s compositions.


A) Main Title 3.20
B) On The Trail 3.00
B3 Too Late 30 Sec
A) Down Up Town 3.50
B1) The Old Precinct 1.25
B2) On The Move 1.35
B3 Final Chapter 21 Sec

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