Fibre Foundation

Don't You Ever Stop

About this item

Originally released on the brilliantly named Big Big Trax in 1994, Fibre Foundation's "Don't You Ever Stop" is the kind of relentless deep house bomb which keeps building and building and building - the musical epitomy of its mantra-style vocal. Think Mission Control's "Outer Limits" but refined for the club as opposed to the warehouse. Glassy/Glossy M1 chimes, bubbling bass and a skipping NY groove slot together perfectly then roll on and on, topped by that encouraging female vocal. Shout outs to Murk, MAW and Chez Damier - comes in Club, Dub, Instrumental and Bonus Beats variations.


A1. Don't You Ever Stop (Club)
A2. Don't You Ever Stop (Dub)
B1. Don't You Ever Stop (Instrumental)
B2. Don't You Ever Stop (Bonus Beats)

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