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Travelling Bright

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“Travelling Bright is a quietly exceptional album, dreamy and intimate, but borne up on rich elaborate arrangements... [David writes] Deeply introspective songs and renders them in rich orchestrated widescreen…Dreamlike soliloquies, steeped in mythology and the natural landscape, and presented with an airy spaciousness that carves out avenues for the mind to wander” - UNCUT MAGAZINE

‘Travelling Bright’ is the very pretty new album from David Ian Roberts, released on Welsh label Cambrian Records. The album feels like a real artistic statement, a double LP, full of ambition from the Cardiff based songwriter. David’s lyrical imagery find parallels between our emotional landscapes and the natural world.


1. A Million Winds
2. Sending Out Fires
3. Lulling A Greener Man
4. Amber
5. Travelling Bright
6. John Says
7. The Holloway
8. Carillon
9. Grail
10. Winter Sun
11. Glass Bead Game
12. The Old King Of Sunsets

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