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Exotic Robotics

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Nu-skool rave they call it. It is a trip back to the early 90s rave parties and that idea of a hedonistic free spirit. That is what this Texan music maker has to offer. That is the Textasy mission, bringing light to the doom and gloom of current times! Differ if you wish.

This time, Textasy decides to side-step away from his usual (if there is such a thing for Textasy) electro, hardcore or 'terror tech' sounds and lands firmly within the realms of a more gentle electro and breakbeat vibes. And it is done to sublime effect. I mean, listen to 'Magick 101'. Melody and playful notes dripping on top of that breakbeat and badass bassline - killer track this one with such drippy notes evolving into a friendly acid.

On 'Mystique', things become more seriously party-oriented - do you remember that cheesy 90s sax. It is here. But so is a great oriental sample and some Goldie-like melodies. Not bad.

He brings up and he brings you down, like in all normal relationships. 'Sub-Aquatic Rift' is the track that tells you it is time to chill and conserve a bit of energy. A more introspective melody rides this track all the way along a rough beat. Still manages to chill you down a tinsy bit. just to get you ready for the electro number on this 12", 'Texlectro'. It sounds like a Carl Finlow homage to me with that killer bass. Delightfully done.

My favourite Textasy to date. More to come, sir , please.


Sil says: Delightfully great Textasy. Less aggro, more gentle with electro flirtations on my fave track 'Texlectro'. Give it a listen as it is an understated classic!


Magick 101 (feat Joel Holmes)
Sub-Aquatic Rift
Ambient Track 43

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