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First Blue Sky

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There's always a rush of excitement when a new Magic Wire drops, but this latest offering on the imprint is something truly special. 22 years since a last appearance, John Beltran resurrects his Placid Angles alias, partnering with London's Magicwire for his second full length LP, "First Blue Sky". Arriving with a dedication to you, the earth and everything, the double LP sees John offer a tone of optimism and reassurance for these difficult times, as expressed through the classiest of -ardcore breaks, dreamy pads and immersive techno.
Styles range from deep and dubby BC-style techno, oceanic DnB rollers, jump up jams and loon bird bangers, but the mood remains uplifting throughout.


A1. First Blue Sky
A2. Angel
A3. A Moment Away From You
B1. Vent
B2. Earth And Everything
C1. Ocean Floor
C2. Bad Minds
C3. 1700
D1. Breathe Her In
D2. Soft Summer (Revisited)

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