Loose Fit 003 - Inc. Lauer Remix

Image of Pépe - Loose Fit 003 - Inc. Lauer Remix
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Loose Fit Records

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A 12" loaded with water reflections and 'clean' melodies, Pepe comes back with more goodies for the alternative dancefloor. His love for old school, breakbeat-ish beats are still present and we like it that way. The tempo has perhaps slowed down a tinsy bit when compared to the Fanta ep - and that is also a great improvement. 
The tempo is now at the right speed (check the excellent 'Trouble Glider' for an example of what Pepe can add to the house genre. Beautiful blue skies and waves kindly licking the sand at your feet is a great image to accompany this killer. 
And just when you got a superb ep on your hands, comes Lauer, beefs up the basline and makes it even better. 
Not much good acts come from Spain, sadly so this one is a refreshing arrival that we cherish at the Picc towers. Now, carry on enjoying that blissful landscape and thanks Pepe for the soundtrack! Buy on sight.


Sil says: Pepe brings on the sunshine as he did with his take on that sugary drink called Fanta. Now slows things a bit and makes it all even more dancefloor friendly. Lauer beefs it up on the B side too.


A1. Light (High As You Can)
B1. Trouble Glider
B2. Trouble Glider Lauer Remix

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