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Caravela are an Afro-Brazilian quintet with members from Portugal, South America, Australia and the UK. Their music is an exploration of the communal traditional and spiritual music of Lusophone countries like Brazil and Cape Verde, approached with a contemporary groove and feel.

Caravela shine a light on traditional rhythms and styles and reimagine them with a jazz attitude of improvisation. Blending influences like Baden Powell, Mayra Andrade and Lionel Loueke, Caravela's exploration of Afro-Brazilian music on their debut EP is not to be missed.


Millie says: Caravela breathes new life into jazz incorporating Afro-Brazilian music for a contemporary spin on things. Fresh and upbeat, let this wash over you in a wave of rhythm and vibrancy.


1. Verde Água
2. Na Terero
3. Maraguês

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