Mr Oizo

Rhythme Plat

Image of Mr Oizo - Rhythme Plat
Record Label
Because Music

About this item

Brand new 4 track EP from the legendary French producer who delivers yet more synth squelchy & elastic beats for the electro-house / glitchy dance set.

With Flat Eric in tow once again, Oizo playfully pulls and twists his synthesizers around a plethora of unique beat structures, littering the mix with a classy warbled rap on "Dolce Vita" featuring vocalist Phra. The main focus however is squeezing every last bit of originality out of the various knobs and sliders at his deposal - demonstrated perfectly on the constantly evolving electroid squelch of EP opener "Rhthme Plat". A producer who maintains his unique and approach no matter what genre or tempo he's working with; all four tracks reveal themselves to be undeniably Oizo thru and thru. Recommended! 


Side 1
1. Rythme Plat (2:42)
2. Viandes Legumes Vehicules (2:23)
Side 2
1. Dolce Vita (feat Phra) (2:51)
2. Nuque (2:21)

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