Bitter End

Kneel B4 Thelma / Mast Song

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Bitter End

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The Crooked Man like Parrot runs things till the Bitter End for the label's eighth essential installment to date.

Once again, the producer somehow finds new ways to freshen up the house blueprint, adding a deep knowledge of soundsystem dynamics and main room engineering. "Kneel B4 Thelma", recently debuted on Kickin' Pigeon's Galactic Bounce NTS show, demonstrates this uncanny ability perfectly - re-using one of the most sampled vocals in dance music history but transforming it into a tweaking, never-come-down narco-house jam that should unite bears, queens, string-vests and cameo shirts under its stack-splitting intensity. Yes mate!

"Mast Song" on the flip subtly works its way under your skin. Think some of those tripped out cosmic house jams on ESP, or Dr. Dunks mid boat party set with the sun burning through the sails and bouncing off the crystalline ocean... Sublime!


Matt says: 'Been smashing this on promo' since Alec snided me a digi a few weeks back. Now on trademark thick wax, Parrot's not-so-secret alias drops more speaker tweakin' damage.


1. Kneel B4 Thelma
2. Mast Song

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