Rudolf Abramov

Krass Kontrast

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Hoga Nord

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Rudolf Abramov is a duo based in Berlin and Israel, which seem to have been a door opener to unexpected musical encounters, because it’s an almost impossible task to sum up their sound in a comprehensible way. In their own words their music is ”a response to a seemingly endless conflict about disgust, acceptance and love.” Now Höga Nord Rekord is releasing their Mini-LP ”Krass kontrast”. Rudolf Abramov is Roland 303, programmed drums, oriental samples, eastern mysticism and instrumentation dressed as German machine funk, Disco, Turkish psychedelia, Krautrock, EBM and so on, and so on…their music is cosmic, beautiful and boundless. The arpeggio on the track ”Projekt 4” is running on infinite repeat in a parallell reality where 1982 never ended, where Rudolf Abramov move freely through different dimensions and where they are in total control of their unpredictable creation! 


Patrick says: Holy batshit badman! Those acid freaks at Hoga Nord keep their scoresheet immaculate with this weird, warped and wonderful release from Berlin/Israeli duo Rudolf Abramov. Take no-wave funk, NDW, synth pop and jazz fusion, coat them in some high power LSD then shove that blotter paper through your earholes and into your brain - killer weirdshit.


A1. Rachmana Litzlan
A2. Loch
A3. King Kong
B1. Project 4
B2. Easy Boy

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