Bernard Grancher

Troublante Tournure

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Polytechnic Youth

About this item

The killer new full length on Polytechnic Youth from ace experimental electronic musician Bernard Grancher. Coming to the attention of the label via his last record on ERR.REC; PY is mining much of this current wave of incredible French electronic music (as previous releases by Dialectric, Alexandre Bazin, (Arc en) Ogive and the mighty Cite Lumiere attest to) and is in hindsight, somewhat an extension of label head Dom’s own record buying and digging habits just now (70s French synth LPs featuring heavily in his Utrecht fair baggage twice yearly!)

Grancher himself began his “career” as a somewhat under the radar, host / director of “mostly forbidden” radio programmes, where in Bernard’s own words, he created “incongruous sound collages, that gradually slip towards noisy or disturbing sounds intended to replace the music of others’, within its broadcasts”. Then, armed with a large accumulation of “machines I found at low prices, with an unknowing of quite how they function” he sought the help of friends Yan Hart-Lemonnier and Eric Lumbleau (from the hugely respected “Mutant Sounds” blog, and his project Vas Deferens Organazation).

Then, having released what he describes as two “rather talkative” LPs by taking again “the concept of it’s emissions: Hallucinatory slogans and Electro punk”, Grancher, then released with ERR.REC, leading in turn to the PY full length here.

A fabulous LP hugely recommended to all kraut heads, experimental electronic sound collages, motorik grooves and minimal synth all figure strongly. To use one final quote from Grancher; “Abandon any idea of listening comfort; this record leads you into a dangerous race that will be impossible to jump on”.

300 copies on vinyl only.


Barry says: Cracked synths and fuzzy drum machines work together into a cacophony of noise, mixing elements of krautrock, ambient electronics and even hints of freeform jazz structures. It's a beguiling and enthralling listen, and one that's rewarded tenfold.


Side A
1. Entre Toison
2. Assistance A Domicile
3. Fluxion Des Mollesses
4. Nous Mangeons Les Machines

Side B
1. Californie En Carton
2. Troublante Tournure
3. La Fouille
4. Atroce Similitude

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