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The Wailers cover Marley songs, recorded with the guitarist Lloyd « Guitsy » Willis at the Harry J Studio in Kingston, Jamaica in 1976. A really strong and surprisingly overlooked set, with some expressive dub fx supplementing the incredibly strong riddims. The material is high grade, with some of the best songs from Bob's repertoire given completely new leases of life through these spacious and experimental dubs. Check!


1. Get Up, Stand Up Dub
2. Natty Dread Dub
3. So Jah Say Dub
4. Lively Up Yourself Dub
5. No Woman Dub
6. Guava Jelly Dub
7. Road Block Dub
8. I Shot The Sheriff Dub
9. Concrete Jungle Dub
10. Soul Rebel Dub
11. Get Up, Stand Up Instrumental
12. Natty Dread Instrumental
13. So Jah Say Instrumental
14. Lively Up Yourself Instrumental
15. No Woman Instrumental
16. Guava Jelly Instrumental
17. Road Block Instrumental
18. I Shot The Sheriff Instrumental
19. Concrete Jungle Instrumental
20. Soul Rebel Instrumental

A1. Get Up, Stand Up Dub
A2. Natty Dread Dub
A3. So Jah Say Dub
A4. Lively Up Yourself Dub
A5. No Woman Dub
B1. Guava Jelly Dub
B2. Road Block Dub
B3. I Shot The Sheriff Dub
B4. Concrete Jungle Dub
B5. Soul Rebel Dub

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