Into U (Kaka Bootleg)

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Night Slugs

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Kaka's flip of a modern pop classic will have your brain erase the original and permanently overwrite it with this deep, powerful version. Ariana Grande's "Into You" gets galvanized into a rock solid tech-breaks hybrid. Listen, if you don't know the original by now then I congratulate you for successfully avoiding supermarket, gym, airline and radio playlists for the last few months. This girl is literally EVERYWHERE (I think half the top ten is made up of tracks from her recent album) but don't let that put you off! The vocal of this track is to die for - and if you were let down by the previously quite wet and wishy washy backing track - then Ikonika's rumbling, foundation-shaking warehouse beats hit the target like a marksmen's arrow. Surely gonna be ma-hooo-sive this. Limited copies too on vinyl so don't delay, reckon this is gonna blow up big time.


Matt says: One of the naughtiest and best pop / RnB refixes we've had in the shop for ages. Pairing up Grande's mega sexy vocal with some bolstered beats - this is my jam pop pickers!


A. Vocal
B. Instrumental

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