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Created and recorded by hordes of sweaty musicians, a handful of talented producers plus a bunch of skilled studio engineers. Edited and adjusted by some Berlin based Belgian (A2 and B1 with the help of a Swede) for maximum disco dancing delight. 'Fuifnummers' is Dutch for 'party starters' and that's exactly what you get, even down to the added intros for double copy beat juggling fun! 
Get your sweet ass down on the A1 to the proto-house / post disco brilliance of "Gucci Shoes", a synth fuelled Prelude / West End style smasher with plenty of sassy spoken vocal action. From there we dive headfirst into the cocaine rush of Italo as "Kijk Uit" doles out the sequencer bass, optimistic keyboard motifs and big Roland snares - a technological fantasy for lycra clad dancers. We stick with La Belle Paese on the flip as "It Began In Italy" finds the moment when Italy's Hi NRG nudged into Euro techno - expect M1 bass lines, jacking percussion and echoing leadlines. Finally the "Asian Angel" gets its moment in the spotlight, playing us out with killer J-Boogie moves, synth pop motifs and exactly the right amount of cheese for this disco chef!


Patrick says: New heat from the OYE camp via a quartet of floor friendly edits plucked from 80s obscurity. Dip in for proto house, pre techno, Italo and boogie groovers diced and spliced for ultimate dancefloor impact.


A1. Gucci Shoes
A2. Kijk Uit
B1. It Began In Italy
B2. Asian Angel

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