Hardijs Lediņš

Tiny Crabs Of Deep Waters

Image of Hardijs Lediņš - Tiny Crabs Of Deep Waters
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Musiques Electroniques Actuelles

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Through tireless work and an esoteric ear, Stroom brought the mighty NSRD to wider attention with a pair of reissues a couple of years back, now Musiques Electroniques Actuelles bring us a vinyl release of the "Tiny Crabs Of Deep Waters" from the group's founder Hardijs Lediņš. Originally a CD only release put out by Seque and Alises Ieraksti in 2000, "Tiny Crabs" saw Hardijs offering his own deep and transcendent take on the ambient genre, with an immersive and esoteric offering complete with jazz bass, found sounds, neo-classical flourishes and well tempered drum machines. Deep sounds for the heads...


Patrick says: This dreamlike 2000 album from NSRD founder Hardijs Ledi?š gets a first time on vinyl (albeit in condensed form) from Musiques Electroniques Actuelles - essential listening from the microdosers, ambient crowd and Balearic crew.


Tiny Crabs
People With Candles
Quia Expedit
La Danse Binoculaire De Paris

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