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Frustrated Funk

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Texan bandpass thrills and some harbour city sorrow on this split Frustrated Funk / DPX twelve which sees two artists, ERP and Duplex contribute to pretty advanced sound design.

ERP is the nom de plume of Gerard Hanson, aka Convextion - Texan grand master of vintage electro & analogue techno and one of the most elusive producers of old school techno. "ZRX" is a classic from his genius mind - bit crushed yet hi-def electro with one of the most unique sound palette's in the game. Just wait till that darkside bass swell comes in and you'll be pulling moves like a mutated gremlin in no time.

Duplex is Chris Aarse & John Matze who famously worked together remotely from 1997, releasing on labels such as Dolly, Clone Records, Frantic Flowers, Klakson etc etc. Here, on "Molecular", they inhabit a minimalist and cerebral space, populated by mellifulous glitches and computerized trills which shift their focus between body and mind. It's a submersive listen yet doesn't squander it's dancefloor potential.

Big hitting twelve from two technological heavyweights - don't sleep!


Matt says: Tidy stuff from two stalwarts of electronic music. Both tracks are understated, inviting the listener to get lost in layers and layers of slowly revealing goodness. Electrostatic beauty for all the earthlings!


2 Duplex - Molecular (Ovatow Reclock)

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