Robert Pollard

Eat 15 - (Dislodge) - The Imortal Orangemen

Image of Robert Pollard - Eat 15 - (Dislodge) - The Imortal Orangemen
Record Label
Guided By Voices, Inc

About this item

8.5in x 10.5in 240 page book + 6 Song 7inch EP.

Since 1986 Robert Pollard has been the most prolific songwriter and musician on the planet. This is not news. Since 2003 he has also been producing an incredible amount of visual art which comes as a surprise to many. His unique collage pieces have been featured in multiple galleries around the country including having his own art shows in New York City. Eat, his series of 14 art books, have been fan favorites.

Now, for the first time, Robert Pollard is including music with Eat and for the first time, Rockathon is offering Eat for sale in stores.

This full color book contains a pocket which holds the 6 song, 7inch one-sided EP and is poly-bagged. These songs are exclusive to Eat and were recorded for the project.

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