The Distillers

Man Vs. Magnet / Blood In Gutters

Image of The Distillers - Man Vs. Magnet / Blood In Gutters
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Third Man Records

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This vinyl 7”, pressed at Third Man Pressing in Detroit, is the first chance to own new music from The Distillers in over 15 years.

To call The Distillers simply a punk band doesn't do justice to either the band or the word "punk”. Guitarist, lyricist, and vocalist Brody Dalle, uses her medium as a platform for a higher plane of visceral lyricism and independence. Few modern day punk icons have not only embodied the genre so truthfully but also transformed the depth of what it can mean so thoroughly. Originally formed in 1998 in Los Angeles, the energetic band, with Dalle at the helm, released a string of damaged and powerful albums, EPs and singles with California punk labels Epitaph and Hellcat, then released their third masterpiece of an album, Coral Fang, on Sire before going on an untimely hiatus and ultimately splitting in 2006. After breaking a 12-year silence on social media late last year, these two new tracks from the group are a triumphant return for their rabid and devoted fanbase.

“Man vs. Magnet” kicks off with crashing drums, thumping bass and melodious guitar, before transforming into a rough-and-ready punk anthem. The b-side “Blood in Gutters” is full of a wistful, wild energy from start to finish, with Dalle’s raw vocals gleaming as the chorus hits. Third Man is honored to be a part of The Distillers' continuing legacy by releasing the physical version of this single.


Barry says: Bringing me right back to the days when I could stand in the midst of a reasonably rowdy mosh-pit without worrying about spilling my tea, The Distillers return with the thrashing crunchy 7", Man Vs. Magnet / Blood In Gutters. As ferocious as Brody & co were back in the day, this is a confident and mindblowing return for one of the forerunners of 90's and early 00's pop / skate punk. Amazing.

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