Cold & James Bernard

Strobe Light Network / Lapis Lazuli

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Stroom Records

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Here we are with our weekly dose of Stroom, a two track trip back to the 90's chill out room courtesy of James Bernard & Isar L. Arnarsson. On the A-side we revisit one of the finest ambient techno / relaxed trance compositions ever, from Icelandic producer Cold. Originally relaesed on Iceland's first techno label Thule, this expansive, cinematic synth serenade came to prominence at the conclusion of the 1995 Love Parade. Sven Vath, at the height of his powers had just played one of his marathon sets, keeping the dancers in constant motion until the sun began to stretch out across the city. To close his set, pay tribute to the crowd and mark the end of the whole festival, Vath reached into his bag and pulled out "Strobe Light Network", filling the space with crystaline ambient motifs, swelling synth sounds and the slow and steady beat which carries the track through a series of crescendos during its fifteen minute duration. 
The B-side plucks a beauty off James Bernard's 1997 LP "Symphony For A Biomechanical Breakdown", the lysergic and bendy techno-meets-wave cooler "Lapis Lazuli". Percolating sequences mark the passing off time for the first three minutes until some skittering trip hop drums join the party, while shifting synth sounds ape detuned guitar for that Matrix soundtrack disquiet.


Patrick says: Stroom's relentless release schedule continues with an on point reissue of some superior chill out tackle from the 90s. On the A-side we get the Icelandic epic Sven Vath chose to close the 1995 Love Parade, and on the flip it's a claustrophobic and paranoid piece of late nineties electronica from James Bernard.


1. Cold - Strobe Light Network
2. James Bernard - Lapis Lazuli

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