Shadow On Your Heart

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Wales' favourite indie punk-folk-rockers Threatmantics FINALLY return for their newest outing, 'Shadow On Your Heart'. Kicking things off with the eponymous starter, we get a beautfully lacerative streak of bass and distorted guitar before snappily breaking down into a twinkling guitar and string redux. This is but one of many points throughout this LP that point towards an alt-folk sensibility, managing the heft of thudding percussion and driven fuzz with a juxpositive lightness of touch and tender playfulness. This playful flickering continues into the follower, 'First Things' which showcases perfectly Heddwyn's astute post-punk vocal qualities, encompassing an aspect of theatrics whilst managing to perfectly fit into the perfectly off-kilter rhythmic maelstrom that periodically breaks through the unsettling minor-key gloom. 

It's a clever balance which continues to impress, with 'Who Is Afraid Of Patrick Wollf?' and 'Dangos Dy Ddannedd' showing both frantic momentum (bolstered by beautifully pulled viola and fuzzed-bass, coalescing together into a tense maelstrom) and short-lived resolution. Lifting the mood just long enough before plunging into a frantic, rich melodic counterpoint. 

Add to that the foreboding, atonal impact of 'Now You Are Gone' (post-punk bass and viola/guitar harmonies) and the hardcore thrash of 'Krystal Pistol' and we have a magnificently dynamic foundation for the kiler closing trio. 'Under The Sun' is possibly the most expansive two-and-a-half minute tune i've ever heard, going from tender acousticry highly reminiscent of the alt-folk anti-punk movement of the early 00's before launching into a hefty post-rock redux in the latter half. It's incredibly well handled and the vocoded machinations once again balance the thrashing anti-melody with a sense of sweetness before 'Mother Folker From Hell' (arguably the most earwormy piece on here, as slanted and enchanted as the Threaters get) and the brilliantly off-piste, haunted closer of 'Little Johnny'.


Barry says: If you ever wondered if alt-folk post-punk orchestral indie-rock could ever work then look no further. I can say i've been considerably ahead of the curve here having seen Threaters play on more than one occasion, but this really is a perfect distillation of their unflappable spirit and undeniable excellence. Brilliantly recorded, emphatically performed, and wonderfully captured anarchic melodic mayhem. Superb.


1. Shadow On Your Heart
2. First Things 03:26
3. Now You Are Gone
4. Who Is Afraid Of Patrick Wolf?
5. Cold Warts
6. Dangos Dy Ddannedd 02:27
7. Krystal Pystol
8. Under The Sun
9. Mother Folker From Hell
10. Little Johnny

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