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Still In Love

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The two tracks featured on this 12" are widely considered to be the highlights from the album 'Stronger Than Ever'. The title, being a reference (or thinly veiled dig?!) to the fact that it was the band's first release not to feature both original singer, Gwen Dickey and producer Norman Whitefield and that, they were, you know, hey! Still strong and stuff...
While those things might have mattered 40 odd years ago, all we're bothered about is, is this a record I need to put my hand in my pocket for?
And the answer is yes, very much so.
A side 'Still In Love' is the best song Chic didn't write, underpinned by a great, funky piano and lush orchestral strings it's the kind of track that would have wowed the crowd at Studio 54 had you know, it not been closed down because the owners never got around to paying their taxes.
On the flip, 'Best In Love' comes across halfway between Inner Life's Salsoul bomb 'Make It Last Forever' and Mahogany's West End classic, 'Ride On The Rhythm' and that friends, is my kind of halfway. 


A1. Still In Love
B1. Best Love

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