Schnitzel Cuts 005

Image of DS - Schnitzel Cuts 005
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Schnitzel Cuts

About this item

Two track from cult label Schnitzel Cuts with fly producer DS on the dials who heads straight to the club for two peaktime tracks that traverse the disco-house spectrum beautifully.

A-side cut "Strategy" deploys crisp drums to a hooky B-line while rising strings permeate through a gentle side chain for a pumping arousal containing eyes-wide-shut, glitter ball energy and mayhem.

B-side cut, "Were You Ready For That" sees more loopy hooks layered up on the old sampler while skippy drums, clamoring horns and bougie strings - creative a flamboyant and impressive peak time baller. You want / need. 


A1. Strategy (DS Rework)
B1. Were You Ready For That (DS Rework)

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