Air Zaire

Pleasure Of Edits 4

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Pleasure Of Love

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The fourth release on LA’s Pleasure of Love features west coast talent Air Zaïre on editorial duties. The desert drive opener “Midnight Sun” touches on 'cowboy cosmic' by deploying acoustic guitar and woodwind leads to a mid-paced disco beat resulting in the kind of track that'll absolutely own any daytime session it's given chance to air. “Canguelo Perro,” struts down to the beach with sandals and a grass necklace, a Paraguayan groove full of kettle drums, bright brass and fuzz guitar awaiting the listener. 

Side B flips up the mood as "Shojo Showdown" performs as excercise in new beat-fuelled drug chug, before "South Of Sunset" sees euphoric seering strings, looping sax and sidechained PUMP to lift any spirits and start any party guaranteed. Excellente! 


A1. Midnight Sun (AZ Edit)
A2. Canguelo Perro (AZ Edit)
B1. Shojo Showdown (AZ Edit)
B2. South Of Sunset (AZ Edit)

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