Jozef K

Dawn Of A New Era

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Prolific Manchester producer, Jozef K’s latest release, Dawn Of A New Era, showcases Afro Acid’s introspective side, with a series of post-apocalyptic, shimmering acid landscapes - which are sequenced, notably, as a complete work.
The EP begins with “I Felt A Presence”, a both heartfelt & dystopian 303 cut containing an atmospheric vocal that alternates between undefined parameters.
We continue with “Between Two Worlds”, Jozef’s acidic ode to Twin Peaks/David Lynch, portrays an intricate interplay between dark and light, (which is an underlying theme of the show for non-TP fans). There are also further meanings Mr. K wanted the listener to discover for themselves, which in itself is a very Lynchian concept indeed.
Josek K also grants us a dreamy and pensive “Agkistrodon Contortix“. Another shimmering sci-fi 303 cut worth your time.  The EP’s title track would seem to be the EP’s euphoric peak. A continuation of the isolated, sci-fi-esque 303 based introspection here.
A very nice package from versatile Josef K that you should be listening to right now!


Sil says: Jozef K goes all out with his smooth deep house. Four cuts of beautiful landscapes filled with afable and home friendly acid lines. What is not to like?


A1. I Felt A Presence (Original Mix)
A2. Between Two Worlds (Original Mix)
B1. Agkistrodon Contortrix (Original Mix)
B2. Dawn Of A New Era (Original Mix)

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