Ricardo Tobar

Birds (Continuación)

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ESP Institute

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After a brief wander ‘round the garden, Chilean-born Ricardo Tobar returns to the ESP Institute bearing earthly delights. With 2017’s "Liturgia", he introduced his creative point-of-view, instantly substantiating a sense of rhythm that was deliberately complex yet slightly rough around the edges, while touching upon his musical origins from the guitar-driven corners of psychedelia - however with his debut 2xLP "Continuidad", he leaves us gobsmacked and seeking shelter as he leaps from dancefloor comforts and descends into absolute chaos (in more ways than one). Emotionally, the artist has crossed all previously self-imposed and subconscious thresholds, putting his true imagination on display and exposing an unwavering attraction to all things loud, orgasmic and transcendent. He’s not subtly hinting at a fetish, but opening his arms wide with conviction, abandoning genre taboos and personally inviting everyone to join his enchanted caravan. Sonically, his appetite for intensity is clear throughout - epic chord changes, ascending peaks in arrangement, accumulating layers of grit that build into impenetrable blankets of distortion and feedback - a kind of aural hedonism that translates visually into the potent video abstractions our Mario Hugo has summoned for the album’s packaging. The first single surrounding the "Continuidad" album is "Birds (Continuación)", a glorious extension of the album track that conjures imagery of shaman-led rainforest exploration and illustrates the artist’s affinity for Latin-American percussion. The flipside is an exclusive non-album cut "La Venida Del Mar", a bonafide big room thumper that carries all the rave seasonings we’ve come to crave from Tobar.


A1. Birds (Continuación)
B1. La Venida Del Mar

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