Klein Zage

Womanhood EP

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Super hype release here on Orphan with hot-to-trot Klein Zage backed by a cutting edge roster of remixers. Pepper spray house and full of feminine energy, "Womanhood" is a 'nihilistic declaration of menstruation'; full of fizzy synthlines, a coy, Peaches-esque vocal delivery and rock solid tech-house beats. Destined for extended plays at the more wigged-out n wild spots (think DC-10, Panorama Bar, Vortex (Tisno), anywhere that doesn't really know when to put the lights on and send everyone home!!

First on the remix platform is DJ Python’s who meditates on retaliation. KZ and Python bonded over a mutual respect of lonely dancefloors and late night pizza and I'd like to think that the NYC producer exudes some of this sentiment over his heavily opiated version.

Ariel Zetina remixes B-side track "Absolutely" and transforms it into a bass-heavy bouncing ball that wouldn't sound out of place on a Sophie record only it's a little grittier and ruff around the edges.

Finally we get Local Artist's 'Cult mix', an instant Balearic anti-hit! A skeletal percussive backing giving lots of space for Zage's twisted vox while dubbed-out stabs reverberate through the mix. 


A1. Womanhood
A2. Absolutely
A3. She’s Out There
B1. Womanhood (DJ Python Remix)
B2. Absolutely (Ariel Zetina Remix)
B3. She’s Out There (Local Artist Cult Mix)

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