Levon Vincent

Dance Music Pt.2

Image of Levon Vincent - Dance Music Pt.2
Record Label
Novel Sound

About this item

It's another winner in the Novel Sound series as Levon drops three more beauties in his delectable style.

A1 offers up a lush, rippling melody placed over a simple kick and reinforced with synthesized orchestral elements. It's like one huge trance breakdown without the 16 bar drums rolls or momentous drops and should sound track horizontal mind transportation perfectly.

A2 glows with an unnatural radiance as Levon gently warms up his various machines for a serene and calm electronic glider that is undeniably from the producer's great mind.

Finally, on side B, we have a dark, epic, mainroom monster with all those Vincentian traits we've come to know and love - helicopter blade hats, dark strings, deep bass and wobbly kick - amazing!

Limited copies as always, move quick! 


Sil says: Classic Levon sound. If you dig his sound, get this pronto.

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