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Not content with running two of the world's hottest record labels (Periodica and Futiribile), and owning dancefloors with vibes from his tribe, Dario di Pace also finds time to rip up his West Hill Studio in solo mode, as evidenced by his mega "Night Of Cheetah" LP last year. Now the Neapolitan funk hero returns to his Periodica imprint with four killer retro futurist cuts inspired by the synth heavy sounds of the 80s club scene.
"Jurakan" opens proceedings with a insistent proto house percussion and dubby synth bass, before the melodic magic lifts us from the tracky to the transcendent. Sophisticated, breezy and jazzy keys play out that "Supernature" chord progression, consulting the star maps before the flashy funk licks power out of every synth in the room - mega. "Metatemplum" moves at a slower pace, squirming and shuffling through West Coast boogie moods like a hustler at a dice game, before "Tropics Of Capricorn" plays around with freestyle, cosmic and synth funk courtesy of chiming sequences, robotic fx and mechanised drum breaks. Finally, "Parisienne" drops deep into the pocket, capturing the lazy and hazy atmosphere of a carefree afternoon sunbathing by the Seine, all bubbling bass, steady perx and glistening keys. Exotic, erotic and en route from Naples to your errogenous zones. 


Patrick says: ANOTHER Periodica powerhouse! This time it's label boss Mystic Jungle who harnesses the synth power of the West Hill Studios, unleashing a fresh four track EP of boogie strollers and proto house rollers - top marks.


1 Jurakan
2 Metatemplum
3 Tropics Of Capricorn
4 Parisienne

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