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Uncanny Valley 50.1

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Dresden's Uncanny Valley celebrate their half century with a compilation series stretched over several records - a cunning call back to the very  beginnings of the label, which started in 2010 with four compilation records. Volume 1, well 50.1, gives us an early flavour of scorching summer, not least in the opening cut "Fanta Korn Tanker" from keyboard king Philip Lauer. The Tuff City Kid lets balmy pads and Mediterranean chimes ride tape saturated percussion until a glistening sequence turns the whole thing neon. Berlin-based Manc James Booth keeps the mood positive, energy high and feels abundant with "Summer Interlude", a flawless journey through hi-gloss house sounds, Balearic breakdowns and resort pop. Check the flanged drums and pulsating bassline for rhythm section of the week. The B-side kicks off with Dresden duo Sandrow M and Will Dubner, who rock out with the giant bassline, funky groove and playful keys of "Disco Schlamboni", a throwback to the early noughties heyday of Scandinavian disco. Finally, Berliner Jules Etienne whets our appetite for his Funnuvojere debut with "Dude's Den", a lush live disco workout reminiscent of Erland Oye's Whitest Boy Alive. Stripped back to irresistible bassline, steady percussion and classy keys, this one lets those beguiling vocals take centre stage - not a dry eye in the house!


Matt says: Juuust in time fer't brighter days comes this sublime new disco / new house compilation offering from Uncanny Valley who don't delay in injecting some feel-good spirit into proceedings. Choo choooo!


1 Lauer - Fanta Korn Tanker
2 James Booth - Summer Interlude
3 Sandrow M Will Dubner - Disco Schlamboni
4 Jules Etienne - Dude's Den

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