Judy Pollak

In Togetherness (feat. 33 1/3)

Image of Judy Pollak - In Togetherness (feat. 33 1/3)
Record Label
Athens Of The North

About this item

Judy Pollak's late 70s LP is extremely rare and charming peace of music. Not just a Soul and Funk LP, sprinklings of folkiness in Judy's vocal make this a fairly unique and fantastic listen, no wonder it can hit $1000 when it comes up for sale. Recorded in 1977 at PAC 3 Studio, Dearborn, Michigan, where bands such as Al Hudson, Floaters, C.J. & Co and many more recorded. Judy used to hang out on the music scene and was introduced to the band via a mutual friend and Sax player Charlie Gabriel. 33 1/3 who were from Detroit got together with Judy who was living Living between Southfield, Michigan and North Carolina at the time and this LP is the result. Enjoy.


1 Your Mine (feat. 33 1/3)
2 Come With Me (feat. 33 1/3)
3 Mr DJ (feat. 33 1/3)
4 Happiness (feat. 33 1/3)
5 Fascinating (feat. 33 1/3)
6 Billy's Coming Bac (feat. 33 1/3)
7 More Than Words (feat. 33 1/3)
8 Still In Love (feat. 33 1/3)

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