From The Vaults 1998-2018 Vol.1

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European Carryall

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Retrospective from the exemplary Telephones' catalogue. Rescued from a humid attic on the rural island of Sotra, outside Bergen, Norway. Long presumed lost, the material featured on this first collection was originally conceived and programmed by a juvenile Mr Telephones on ancient PC-software at turn of the 90s / Y2K - at a time when the local Bergen-scene was percolating with main dogs Torske and Erot. A time when Norwegian DJs were still allowed to play Peacefrog-records on national FM radio (!!!!!!), and house, techno and disco was united under one umbrella. 20 years later, the tracks have been salvaged, exported and meticulously overdubbed, re-recorded and sound fuckin' WELL crisp mate.

No-one exudes that coastal brightness, optimism and scent quite like Telephones. Holiday house of the highest order, you can almost smell sizzling calamari as sun spots blind your focus and a warm breeze drifts up your shorts. It's everything you need to take you away from the miserable, grey, Manchester Winter and that my friends, is why this is one of the best records you'll purchase this week! Do not sleep! 


A1. Aquatrak (FM AM Mix)
B1. Amerikadegåri (453-459 Mix)
B2. Hurricane (Purple Mix)

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