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With vocalist Sinead Young moving home to her native Glasgow with other members remaining in Brighton Lower Slaughter had to find a more considered approach to writing their second album. Bass player Barney Wakefield explains:

“What Big Eyes was a collection of our songs we’d been playing live for ages which we recorded super quick in the studio. The approach to song-writing has been much different for Some Things Take Work' Essentially it’s been a ‘long-distance’ relationship, with writing taking on a different, more considered form. This gave our approach more urgency and focus though and lead us to trust our instincts as a group.”

The result of this more considered approach is a ferocious album, one that is every part as exhilarating as the band's debut yet at times summons an extra weight and urgent delivery. While looking inwards exploring mental health, therapy revelations and healing Sinead Young's lyrics are every part introspective as well as profound social commentaries of the blockades and existential struggles many face.


Side A
01 Gas
02 Reboundaries
03 Some Things Take Work
04 Into The Woods
05 Revenant

Side B
06 Hindsight
07 Splits
08 The Measure Of A Man
09 A Portrait Of The Father

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