Camino Del Sol (Joakim & Todd Terje Mixes)

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Permanent Vacation

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Some words for those who donʻt know Antenaʻs album "Camino Del Sol"; itʻs an electro-samba classic back from 1983, including several tracks produced by John Foxx. The album inspired many of the big names in pop and dance music, such as Jarvis Cocker from Pulp or the Pet Shop Boys. Moreover several tracks of the album were essential material for the true cosmic sound djs back then in italy. Daniele Baldelli, Mozart and Loda didnʻt end a dj set without playing at least one track of the album, and the track "Camino Del Sol" was one of the biggest hits there. Shivery electric this is.

Now onto the killer remixes on this excellent package. French electro master and head of now defunct Tigersushi Joakim turns the original into a deep and very tense electro-house track, that should burn down any dancefloor. He uses 100% the chords and harmonies of the original plus bits of the vocals in the beginning and in the break. This is pure chordal magic or quality prime time material we would say, you wonʻt regret playing this tune in your set :)

Osloʻs wonderboy Todd Terje,  and re-edit maestro rule the cosmic, nu-disco world, comes along with a wonderful extended samba-electro-disco version, that stays closer to the original. Nonetheless this rework builds up top class with its ever twisting bassline. This is sth for all the DJ Harvey diggers out there.


Sil says: Second chance for those who missed this classic. For me it is all about the Joakim revision. But Todd is not far apart at all. A staple in my record bag since released. Make it yours this time!


A Side
1. Camino Del Sol - Joakim Remix
B Side
1. Camino Del Sol - Todd Terge Remix

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