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Quantum Experience

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Sleeve Records

About this item

A collection of unreleased remixes by the 90’s Tuscan techno master, Mr. Franco Falsini (Open Spaces). Debut release on Sleeve Records and choc full of peaktime fun!

All going under various pseudonyms utilized by the genius producer, we kick off with the wavy San Fran inspired number, "Dance To The House". "Erotic Holidays Packet" heads down a proggy, expansive route via a brilliantly exotic vocal refrain, flutter leads and slamming euro-tech beat. "Anima" combines subtle M1 riffs with a charging 4/4 beat, detuned pads and a quirkly little vocal snip while "Mnemonic Code" sees a hardcore-indebted slice of feel good power emanate off the wax. Finally "Public Domain Age" utilizes Detroitian keyboard presets, amazing vintage vocal sampling (think The Orb! - ed) and simple house beast to conjure up a surprisingly innovative collage of electronic music that's gonna get the kids' heads spinning make no mistake! Top buzz! 


1 Neuro State - Dance To The House (orig. Mix)
2 Sisters Maso - Erotic Holidays Packet (open Spaces Mix)
3 Handle With Care - Mnemonic Code (open Spaces Mix)
4 Ilaria & Dj Miki - Anima (open Spaces Mix)
5 Roby J. - Public Domain Age (open Spaces Mix)

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