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Planet Ultra

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This Planet Ultra EP is compiled of five previously unreleased compositions from the Multiplex album of the same name, plus the Barwork track - finally on vinyl after more than twenty years.

On ice for two decade these classic electro tracks reference the early UK breakbeat of the 90’s as well as the obvious sci-fi connection. To that effect we kick off with "Teflon" and "Plasma", followed by the funky "In The Galaxy" which adds a touch of Herbie Hancock. On the flip side "Ultra Light" evolves to an all-encompassing, atmospheric trip, before the deep "Barwork" and finally "Open".

What a package, fellas. Buy now or regret later - no repress!


Sil says: This is a breakbeat and electro feast. A nostalgia ridden journey that will keep you on your toes. Not too hardcore. Highly palatable and dancefloor friendly.


1. Teflon
2. Plasma
3. In The Galaxy
4. Ultra Light
5. Barwork
6. Open

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