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Future Perfect, Present Tense

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"Future Perfect, Present Tense", the sophomore album from Ten Fé, is a poignant, uplifting meditation on everything that’s brought the band to this point and all they’ve left behind in getting here.

The pair holed up in a derelict office block in Walthamstow resolving to write a simpler sort of song that would connect them to the songbook of their days busking on the London Underground. Without losing the infectious pop of their debut, the songs off "Future Perfect, Present Tense" seem to come from a deeper place with the two songwriters pushing themselves to be more vulnerable and honest. The Stones and Orbison influences can be heard woven into "Caught On The Inside", Springsteen and The Cure into "No Night Lasts Forever" and the deeply romantic, blissed-out Americana of their debut has been honed further.

Recorded in Oslo as a band with Rob Shipley, Johnny Drain and Alex Hammond - the friends with whom they had toured the first album - this album showcases the new sound. As heard in the first offerings, "Won’t Happen" and "Not Tonight", the band have matured and captured a more close-knit, lush sound of five people playing together in a room. Intricate CSNY-influenced four-part harmonies that were honed on the road fuse with the energy they captured in their live shows.


Matt says: Landing somewhere between War On Drugs, The National and Studio, this polished yet downplayed album could be that slice of spring optimism you require to see you thru the dying days of winter!


Won’t Happen
Isn’t Ever A Day
No Night Lasts Forever
Echo Park
Caught On The Inside
To Lie Here Is Enough
Here Again
Not Tonight
Can’t Take You With Me

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