Yin Yin

Dion Ysiusk

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Bongo Joe

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In the summer of 2017, Kees Berkers (Baby Galaxy, YAYAYA) & Yves Lennertz (Bounty Island) started writing and recording songs in a ballet school in a remote village atthe foot of the Plateau of Doenrade near Alpaca Mountain. Being avid record collectors, with both members having a collection spanning almost every musical era and genre, details from many different genres seep through in their music. Using South East Asian music from the 60 ́s and 70 ́s as a main inspiration, whilst also bringing their individual musical backgrounds and interests to the table, the recording spree resulted in a remarkable set of songs mixing world music, disco, funk and electronic music.


Patrick says: The best Bongo Joe in aaages for me this! On the A-side Yin Yin cook up a slow rolling syrup groove, then get deep into molam organs and thai guitar, coming on strong like a Khuruangbin - Paradise Bangkok collab. They save the real magic / madness for the B-side though, sending us into the stratosphere with the wild "Dis Ko Dis Ko", a street market "I Feel Love" with lunatic guitar licks and echo drenched vocals.


A. Dion Ysiusk
B. Dis̄ Kô Dis̄ Kô

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