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Japan's Volkuta follow up their first release with another selection of oriental flavours. Volkuta is a new label which introduces traditional Japanese songs alongside more contemporary remixes. Umeko Ando (1932-2004) was a folk singer from Japan. She was a representative of the Ainu culture on the Hokkaido Island in the north of Japan. Here we get six original tracks from her, alongside a remix from Joe Claussell. 

The music is reassuringly beguiling; utilizing eastern scales and instrumentation - much of which I'm going to struggle to correctly name. There's flurries of prog, jazz, new age and folk; all combined into a stylish aural soup. When Umeko Ando sings it's playful, almost tongue-in-cheek, but certainly captivating. Joe Claussell is on hand to provide a sympathetically spiritual take on "Metal Rain Shower". It's an eastern exotica opus and demands your immediate attention! 


Side 1
1. Battaki (4:20)
2. Mukkuri (part 1) (2:31)
3. Mukkuri (part 2) (3:06)
Side 2
1. Metal Rain Shower (Side B: Battaki - Joaquin Joe Claussell Remix) (1:34)
2. Asianic Earth (4:59)
3. Festival For The Devoted (1:21)
4. Fusion Galactica (3:26)
5. Asianic Earth Outro (2:48)

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