Infiniti (Juan Atkins) / Reel By Real

Techno Por Favor / Sundog

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Preservation Sound

About this item

To lovers of that OG Detroit techno sound, there's few names conjure up as much excitement as Juan Atkins and Martin Bonds. Individually the two producers pioneered and developed the first incarnation of the sound; taking cues from Kraftwerk, Parliament and the darkening mood of inner city Detroit and contrasting it with an optimistic, futuristic vision guided by machines. Together, under the Reel By Real moniker they also made some of the finest blueprints of the genre - that mechanized funk, sci-fi outlook and technologically focused production leaving many listeners entranced and other producers scratching their heads.

The two tracks here were both released on Atkins' Metroplex Records around '90 & '91. Re-mastered and repressed by the Music Preservation Society and now collated on one, essential twelve inch.


A Infiniti (Juan Atkins) - Techno Por Favour
B Real By Real - Sundog

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