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And This Is Our Music

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Now repressed with bonus EP of the originally limited edition ‘If Love Is A Drug EP’ 

The key moment on And This Is Our Music comes during "Prozac vs. Heroin", in the form of a righteously head-turning phrase from a rock 'n' roller who is desperately driven to turn heads. More than merely moving units, the song's title articulates the dilemma facing those who won't or can't surrender: What's a guy to do when life offers shitty choices, he seems to be asking, and in doing so, he exposes what may well be the band's first-ever moment of human fragility. Through a typically rich acoustic haze, the lyric "they will be done," comes floating to the surface; were it not so surprising, I'd describe it as blissful resignation.


1) Introesque ,
2) Starcleaner ,
3) Here To Go ,
4) When Jokers Attack ,
5) Prozac Vs Heroin ,
8) Geezers,
9) Maryanne
10) You Look Great When I'm Fucked Up ,
11) Here It Comes ,
12) What Did You Say?
13) Prozac Vs Heroin Revisited
14) A New Low In Getting High ,
15) Some Things Go Without Saying,
16) Tschusse ,
17) The Pregnancy Test ,


1) If Love Is The Drug Then I Want To OD 
2) When Jokers Attack 
4) Starcleaner 
5) Here It Comes

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