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These lush Liverpudlian Belters have been supported by Gerd Jason, Michael Mayer and the Innervisions lot thus far; and with good reason! The impeccable label deliver a quadruplet of melodic technoid musica from Jemmy, whose previously released via Mule Musiq.

"A Cherry Valley" starts the adventure with a truly elasticated low-mid section, pulls and contorted a bendy synth array around rising strings and plinky-plonk tek beats; landing somewhere between Innervisions, Four Tet and Auntie Flo. "3 Stars" deploys an intriguing sound palette, mystic in colour and mood and coerces it into some kind of triplet-based exotic house romp. "Perfect Rose" opens side B with more thrusting bass pressure achieved again through some seriously rubbery low end - loud n wobbly just the way we like it! "Angel" closes off the EP with a beatless excursion; drifting into a thick swamp of plucked strings, keys, pads, celestial sounds and morphing filters.


Sil says: Suave techno a a la Innervisions drenched in musicality and lollipop flavours. Not bad at all. Is it a belter? You are to decide! Worth a listen though!


A1. A Cherry Valley
A2. 3 Stars
B1. Perfect Rose
B2. Angel

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