Black Noise Remixed

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On The Corner follow up a well received but truly out there debut record with another maverick release. Khalab's "Black Noise 2084" received bare plaudits last year for its beguiling mix of electronic and tradiitonal elements. Now the label enlist a trio of modern music pilgrims to reinterpret three of the tracks. "Chitita" is handed to Chicago's experimental dance demigod Jamal Moss, who dons his Hieroglyphic Being moniker and churns out a tribal, morse code bleep n bash symphony that's become one of his defining trademarks over a vast career. Hong Kong's Blood, Wine & Honey are new to the field, but display fresh legs and creative input as they remix "Dense" into a futurist-afro jam rich with UKF flavours and a weighty low end. Finally Afrikan Sciences aka New York's Eric Porter Douglas shows just why he's so in demand at the moment thru a tasty take of "Black Noise" which mixes his typically chaotic percussion elements around discord and harmony like no other - the ultimate juxtaposition of electric and humanoid; and a great insight into the mind of this highly experimental producer.


Matt says: On The Corner follow up their impressive debut with another brilliantly oddball curation. Three cutting edge producers drafted in to remix the wonderfully electro-esoterica of Khalab.


A1. Chitita (Hieroglyphic Being 8bit House Remix)
B1. Dense (Blood, Wine Or Honey Remix)
B2. Black Noise (Afrikan Sciences Remix)

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