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Volume 6

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Joakim takes a break from Full Circle exploits with Alexis Le Tan for the latest volume of his infamous Jimi Bazzouka series, dropping a quartet of edits within his imaginary tropical trance genre. Even the most cursory glance at the centre label suggests things are about to get skew-whiff, and we're in wavey territories from the off. Opener "Elm Yolo" rolls into being with a didgeridoo rumble, cicada style shaker and all sorts of tribal rite ambiance before locking into a hypnotic rhythm of solid kick and tumbling drums. The village kids start the chant and the club starts to dance - elevated shamanic action on show here! Speaking of which, "Nothing Happens" shakes a leg at a totally tripped out 80bpm, welcoming us to a world of birdsong, bongwater and ring modulator, where a drum box can groove through the undergrowth and synthesizers gurgle at will. If you're still high on that Bartellow / DJ Ground kick, this bad man's only gonna freak you further into oblivion. The B-side brings us flying over terracotta tiles and bamboo forests, making the most of the moonlight with the Italo synthline and space age pads of "200 Force" ramping up the energy for a peak time trance dance. If that wasn't enough to get you tripping into the next dimension, the brain mulching marimbas, industrial feedback and off kilter rhythm of the EP closing "Angry Hands" should ensure that you're well on your way to a permo. Muzik for froglickers!


Patrick says: Not sure about tropical trance, sounds more like shamanic dance to me, with a good measure of cosmic wonk packed into the peace pipe. Joakim’s latest edit offering brings us tribal stompers, super slow grooves, a moonlit glider and some wonderful weirdshit for anyone on that Mori Ra / DJ Ground tip.


A1. Elm Yolo
A2. Nothing Happens
B1. 200 Force
B2. Angry Hands

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