Demedim Mi

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Rush Hour

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Strap on your seatbelt, stow your baggage and put up your tray table, we're about to take a trip. After the global domination of "Kime Ne" (aided in its world domination by that wild Villolobos mix), digger, DJ and producer Baris K and multi-instrumentalist Cem Yıldız reunite as Insanlar for a life altering 45 minute journy through Anatolian tonality, twisted electronics and esoteric techno.
Entering the trance-like psychic space unlocked via true mastery, Cem Yıldız riffs on a saz phrase for over 50 minutes (slightly redacted here), wordlessly guiding us through regret, melancholy, optimism, ecstasy and understanding, offering ego death on the dance floor or dining table. And Baris, fully interfaced with his modular, joined by home made robots and inventive drum modules, rides the lightening to conjure a cosmic techno groove which transcends basements, buildings and the bindings of our consciousness, breaking through to the other side. Flawless, fearless and free thinking head music, this is undoubtedly a future classic.


Patrick says: Baris K and Cem Yildiz are back as Insanlar, taking us on an epic journey through the psychedelic fringes of the dancefloor where lysergic techno chug meets Turkish instrumentation. Deep and heady, "Demedim Mi" is designed to change lives...


A1. Demedim Mi (part 1)
B1. Demedim Mi (part 2)

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