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Future Vision

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New material on big Ron's Future Vision label - the outlet he saves for his immediate focus and new directions...

"Night Ride" sees gated perc hits ricochet against those boogie-flavoured synths he's been favouring of late, before a classic male vocal refain swoops in - 'let's take a riiiide...'. Add a warm analogue bass and a few choice keyboard presets and you've got a beautiful early doors house song, meticulously constructed and musically minded with proper verse, chorus, bridge sections to revel in. Perfecto!

"On A Journey" applies the brakes for a dip into sun-kissed, Balearic paddling pools; a welcome if surprising venture for Ron Trent, showing off his horizontal leanings wonderfully - someone save me a spot in the hammock!

"Exhale" concludes with more atypical shit from the Chi-town grand daddy who decides to merge jazz-funk guitar parts with Brazilian percussion traits and a walking, bossa-styled bassline. This isn't a totally new sound to Ron Trent, but it comes as a bright and cheery surprise when it fruits at the end of this record. Three very different flavours to get stuck into here folks - enjoy!


Matt says: Nice to see Ron exploring some new styles and flavours for the change of season... Balearic Ron!


A1. Night Ride
B1. On A Journey
B2. Exhale

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